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Transport cost’s 2013 – 2014

These costs are for two people in $Aud

Air / Hobart to Melbourne 17/10/13 Total $123.00Aud

Air / Melbourne Kuala Lumpur 19/10/13 Total $554.60Aud

Bus / Kuala Lumpur Lcct to KL Central 19/10/13

17Ringitt = $5.60Aud

Bus / KL Central to Kuala Lumpur Lcct 22/10/13

17Ringitt = $5.60Aud

Air / Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong 22/10/13 $244.15Aud

Bus / Hong Kong AP to Wan Chai 22/10/13

80HKD = $10.80Aud

Ferry/Hong Kong to Macau 29/10/13

160HKD = $43.25Aud

Ferry/Macau to Shekou 2/11/13

444Mop = $59.20Aud

Underground/Shekou to Shenzhen 2/11/13

14Rmb = $2.55Aud

Underground/Shenzhen to east Airport 4/11/13

16Rmb = $2.20Aud

Air/Shenzhen to Beijing 4/11/13

2245Rmb = $408.20Aud

Underground/Beijing Airport to Wangfujing 4/11/13

59Rmb = $8.77Aud

Transport Beijing Travel Card 4/11/13 to 13/11/13

200Rmb = $35.00Aud with $9.00 still left on cards

Bullet Train Beijing to Xi’an 13/11/13

1031Rmb = $180.90 VERY FAST TRAIN top Speed was 305Kph

Train Xi’an to Shanghai 16/11/13 to 17/11/13

1008Rmb = $176.85Aud

Train Shanghai to Nanning 23/11/13 to 24/11/13

1290Rmb = $226.31Aud

Bus Nanning- Yangmei – Nanning 26/11/13

48Rmb = $8.42Aud + 20Rmb Entrance Fee $3.50Aud

Bus Nanning –Waterfalls – Nanning 27/11/13

260Rmb = $45.61Aud +140 Entrance Fee $24.50Aud

This trip took us from 7.45 am to 9pm with only 1.5 hours

At the waterfalls but was well worth it just for the scenic

Views from the bus and at the falls

Bus Nanning to Hanoi 1/12/13

336Rmb = $58.95Aud

Bus/Ferry/Bus Hanoi to Cat Ba Island 4/12/13

420,000Dong = $22.70Aud

Bus/Ferry/Bus Cat Ba Island to Hanoi 12/12/13

420,000Dong = $22.70Aud

Taxi Hanoi to Airport 13/12/13

80,000Dong = $4.35Aud

Air Hanoi to Danang 13/12/13

1,758,000 Dong = $95.06Aud

Taxi Danang to Ho An 13/12/13

220,000 Dong = $10.80Aud

Taxi Hoi An to Danang 20/12/13

280,000Dong =$15.13Aud

Air Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh City 20/12/13

2,625,000Dong = $142.00Aud

Bus Ho Ci Minh Airport to city 20/12/13

20,000Dong = $1.08Aud

Bus Ho Chi Minh City to My Tho 22/12/13

240,000Dong = $12.97Aud

My Tho to Ben Tre 22/12/13

Hitched ride on tour boat Gratis

Ben Tre to Can Tho23/12/13

Bike to Bus station at Ben Tre 120,000Dong = $6.48Aud

Bus to Vinh Long 46000Dong = $2.48Aud

Ferry across river at Vinh Long 4000Dong = $0.21Aud

Bus to Can Tho 50000Dong = $2.70Aud

Can Tho to Ca Mau 25/12/13

Taxi to Bus Station 40000Dong = $2.16Aud

Mini Van then transferred to sleeper Bus half way through journey 110,000 = $5.94Aud

Ca Mau to Nam Can to Ca Mau 28/12/13

Bus to Nam Can 50000Dong = $2.70Aud

Boat to Ca Mau140,000Dong = $7.56

Ca Mau to Rach Gia 29/12/13

Boat 240,000Dong = $12.97

Rach Gia to Hatien 30/12/13

Bus 100,000 = $5.40Aud

Hatien Vietnam to Kep Cambodia 1/01/14

Motor Bike 420,000Dong = $22.70Aud

(Visa at Border $22.00 USD + $1.00 USD for medical check?? Per Person. Doctor did not do anything just smiled and waved)

Kep to Bokor Plateau 2/01/14

Motorbike rented $6.00Usd per Day = $6.85Aud

Kep to Phnom Penh 6/01/14

Bus $10.00Usd = $11.42

Phnom Penh to Siem Reap 8/01/14

Bus $30.00 = $34.28

Siem Reap to Battambang 10/01/14

Bus $12.00Usd = $13.40Aud

Battambang to Bangkok 15/01/14

Bus $26.00Usd =$29.00Aud

Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi airport 22/01/14

Mrt and Airport Sky Train 90Bhat = $3.10Aud

Bangkok to Krabi 22/01/14

Air 3500Bhat = $121.50Aud (Bangkok Airways Excellent)

Krabi Airport to Ao Nang 22/01/14

Bus 300Bhat = $10.35Aud

Ao Nang to Krabi Airport 13/02/14

Bus 300Bhat = $10.35Aud

Krabi to Kuala Lumpur (lcct) 13/02/14

Air 3218Baht = $118.50Aud

Kuala Lumpur to Coolangatta 13/02/14 to 14/02/14

Air 874Ringitt = $317.47Aud

Coolangatta to Brisbane 14/02/14

Bus & Train

Brisbane 14/02/14 to 2002/14

Hire Car $142.20

Brisbane to Hobart 20/02/14

Air $219.00 Aud

We travelled 22000 air kilometre’s on 10 flights on our entire trip, over 2000 rail kilometre’s on 7 train journeys,19 long distance bus trips,7 ferries and assorted other modes of travel over our 18 weeks on the road All the prices were what we paid or negotiated at the time of our journey.

We hope this may be of some help to those travellers who are reading this blog. Safe travelling to you all

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