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Coast Guard Cutter in New London, CT

Chooie and the big duck!

Dipping toes at bad boy beach

On the jetty where we got engaged

Natural sand formation

With Kim and Sue in front of Kim's new house

With Ed and Kim in front of Kim's new house

We woke to the sounds of seagulls chatting outside our window. One of the perks of an oceanside town!

We made a quick detour and went to the town of Falmouth, MA (still on Cape Cod). Friends of Chooie's family used to live here so we drove by their old house and it is as beautiful as Chooie remembers. The house is just a block away from the ocean and you can see Martha's Vineyard from there. Falmouth is a beautiful, quaint town that looks like the perfect place to vacation.

We crossed the bridge over Cape Cod canal and headed for New London, CT and the Cross Sound Ferry to Orient Point, NY. It turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day and the trip across the sound was very enjoyable.

Sign of the day...."come to the dark side, we have cookies"

We disembarked at Orient Point on the north fork of Long Island and drove past all the farms and vineyards on our way to the south fork of Long Island. Our first stop was in Flanders so Chooie could have his picture taken with the Big Duck. All the years he has come out here, this is his first photo with the big quacker!

We pull into Hampton Bays and drive past Chooie's old house and neighborhood. There are changes, some good, some not as good. The house looks good, but Ed's Bay Pub is no longer there.

We drove out to the jetty and "bad boy beach" (Chooie's mom's name for this because there is no lifeguard!) to recreate our engagement from 26 years ago. We walked out to the approximate spot Chooie proposed to me and there is a geological survey marker on the one rock. I guess they want to make sure we always remember that spot! The only thing missing are the fishermen and bucket of chum...ah, memories!

We head back in and arrive at Ed and Sue Wolfersdorf's house. It is so good to see them and again, feels like no time has passed since we were last together. They drive us over to their daughter, Kim's new house for a tour. It is fantastic and she is doing a lot of the remodeling herself, with the help of dad. She is willing to give out her address knowing that Santini's may now descend upon her!!

We drive back along Dune Road and see some of the new and amazing houses that have been built. We go back to Ed and Sue's for dinner and a night of catching up. All too soon it is midnight and we all realize we can no longer do the 4 am nights and still get up early the next day...and function.

As we are getting closer to VA, we are really heading home with these last stops in Long Island and tomorrow in NYC. It has been a most excellent adventure!

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