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Horse transport is common

Old City wall, Cartagena, Colombia

Street in the Old City, Cartagena, Colombia

San Pedro Claver Church, Old City, Cartagena, Colombia

Cathedral, Old City, Cartagena, Colombia

Old City, Cartagena, Colombia

David on the Old City wall, Cartagena, Colombia

Old City wall, Cartagena, Colombia

Old City street, Cartagena, Colombia

Old City wall, Cartagena, Colombia

Tucan in Sofitel Hotel, Cartagena, Colombia

Balconies in Old City, Cartagena, Colombia

Street,Old City, Cartagena, Colombia

Clock Tower, Old City, Cartagena, Colombia

Part of Old City wall, Cartagena, Colombia

Lynn with sea and new city in background, Cartagena, Colombia

Panorama, Old City, Cartagena, Colombia

Simon Bolkivar (El Libertador), Cartagena, Colombia

Balconies. Old City, Cartagena, Colombia

Street in which our hotel is situated, Cartagena, Colombia

Selling fish in the street, Cartagena, Colombia

Thursday 24th April 2014

Taganga, Colombia

It’s a rest day today. Up late and had breakfast then updated the blog and chatted to other people in the group, sat around the pool for most of the day, went for a brief walk in the afternoon, then had a rest later in the day, then out for dinner with some others to a really nice restaurant. We had a couple of cocktails and a very good meal then home to bed at around 11:30pm. It was a hot day today, very dry about 36°C. They badly need rain in this town. It hasn’t rained here for seven months and the townspeople have to buy water. In the hotel, water is rationed.

Friday 25th April 2014

Taganga to Cartagena, Colombia

Left in a small bus loaded up with the luggage in the aisle at about 8:45am to go back to where the truck was parked – since we saw her before, the leader and new driver (Scott) had to drive the truck back to the border to get her officially into Colombia because the customs office had been closed when we came through. We set off – it was dry and hot. The countryside needs rain. On the way to Cartagena, there was a blockade closing the road (set up by villagers protesting about government inaction regarding their lack of water) and this delayed us for about an hour and a half until we negotiated for the people to let us through. We finally arrived in Cartagena, a beautiful old city on the Caribbean Sea, at around 5:00pm. We had to park a couple of blocks from the hotel and then walk with our bags to the hotel. The hotel is very nice with a large balcony at the end of our floor where we sat and had a drink before heading out with some of the group to dinner which we had in a restaurant next to a lively square where there was a band and concert, fireworks and lots of people.

Saturday 26th April 2014

Cartagena, Colombia

Up later today and had breakfast at the hotel. Then we went out to explore the old city. We had an ice cream and bought some fruit then did some shopping, walked a bit on the wall, had a late lunch, then walked down to the sea front and sat near the sea for a while. There were many cruise ship passengers in town today and it was very busy. Cartagena is a really pleasant walking city, flat with lots of interesting architecture. Back to the hotel in the late afternoon then out to dinner at a Peruvian restaurant for a really nice meal. The streets are really busy at night and there are lots of clubs and bars, some of which are only opening at 11pm. It feels safe here which is a nice change.

Sunday 27th April 2014

Cartagena, Colombia

Up late today again (7.30am is late for us now…) as we rested up in Cartagena. After breakfast today we walked down to the Clock Tower and walked in the squares in the old town. There was some children’s celebration happening today with lots of children and their teachers congregating in the square. We then sought out a free beer at the Hard Rock Café – they were handing out promotional leaflets - and then continued to walk through the streets, looking at shops and also the Gold Museum as well as the San Pedro Claver church and the Cathedral. We then walked back to where we shopped yesterday and bought a couple more things as well as strolling along the top of the wall taking photos. It was very quiet in the city today especially in the afternoon as the cruise ship passengers had departed. Then we had an ice cream (not as nice as yesterday’s as they were very soft and melted quickly) and a short walk back to the hotel, then out again to get some money from an ATM and then back for a rest before dinner. The weather is quite warm (about 31C) and humid as always here. It was mostly cloudy today. It looks as though it might rain within a few days – probably not today.

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