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feeders outside the Lodge - golden shrimp plant on right

tree iguana is really quite far away

nests for the Montezuma Oropendula bird

Oropendula - better pic later

birders on the hunt

loved these stairs!

Snowy egret like in FL!

all aboard!

boat billed flycatcher - I wrote it down!

front of that flycatcher - really hard to get bird shots!

two birds and an iguana in a tree far away

great blue herons and anhingas are here also

Emerald Lizard also called Jesus Christ Lizard - can walk on water

from the boat, seemed like a blob in a tree

oh my gosh, it woke up!

It's in motion!

reaching for a leaf for lunch

It's not a monkey but a sloth!

caiman - alligator or crocodile???

my best shot of a bare-throated Tiger Heron

suspension bridge at the lodge - locked at other end

some beautiful plants

exotic bamboo and others

that's a blue jeans frog! Strawberry poison-dart frog

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poison-dart frogs mating

Last Thursday I was told of an opening in the birding trip to Costa Rica and that I would love it. I was going to catsit for a couple who were going on the trip, so, after working things out with another woman willing to catsit, and finding out I could get on the same flight out of Miami with the other travelers, I was psyched! I went a day early, like the others, but instead of staying in a motel, I took the opportunity to see Jeanne & Laurie one more time and they took me to the airport on the 10th.

One of the 16 travelers had a seizure for the first time in her life right outside the airport just before we were ready to board our van. There were medics and policemen nearby and two of our group had been nurses, so Sue got good immediate attention. She was taken to a private hospital by ambulance, accompanied by a retired nurse. We all followed in the van and waited at the hospital for a couple of hours to find out what was going to happen with Sue. Tests didn't show adverse issues in the brain but they kept her for observation and we decided to go to our first lodge instead of hanging around. Peg stayed with Sue because Sue knows her best. How great is that? A manager of the guide's company would bring the both of them to the lodge when Sue was released. She was free to go later in the day and they got to the lodge after 10 PM.

Our first stop on this trip was over a mountain and down into the lowlands of north central Costa Rica to a Rain Forest Reserve. We got there near 7 PM and all of us were quite hungry. The Selva Verde Lodge has a central building for meals and meetings while the rooms are in outlying square buildings having 4 rooms each. The meals were all served buffet style and there were plenty of fruits and vegetables at each meal. Most meals had rice and beef or pork or chicken or fish to choose from. Some meals had their staple of rice and beans - good thing I like that and they don't make it spicy! I was thinking of how hungry Peg and Sue would be and the lodge was good enough to send some food to their rooms after they got there.

The first full day included a walk around the grounds where we saw lots of different birds, a boat ride on the Rio Sarapiqui where we saw reptiles, birds, and a sloth having lunch, and a white water rafting trip on the upper part of the Rio Sarapiqui with class 2 and 3 rapids because of the recent rains. That was exhilarating!

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