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Carpes at McGee Fairgrounds in Farmington

Rock formation along US 163

Rock formation along US 191

We briefly re-enter Arizona on US 191

Entering New Mexico on US 160

US 160 becomes US 64 in New Mexico

Shiprock from US 64 in New Mexico

We finally installed a fridge fire extinguisher

We had slide problems so we replaced some solenoids

Thu, 24 Apr: This morning we reluctantly left Goosenecks State Park. We'd spent six days boondocking and had loads of water and plenty of provisions. Yet, all good things must end and it was time to move on toward the lands of internet connectivity...

We took our time picking up stakes, mostly because we were lazy and also because we didn't have very far to go. By the time we went thru our checklists, got the car connected, and took one more look (and many pix) of Goosenecks it was half past nine.

We retraced our route on UT 315 and 261 to US 163 which we took north to pick up US 191 south toward Arizona. A few miles south of the border we once again headed east on US 160. At the New Mexico border US 160 becomes US 64, which is rough as a cob for the first twenty some miles to Shiprock.

At Shiprock we stopped for lunch and then continued east on US 64 toward Farmington. In Farmington we took US 64 bypass south of town to CR 5500 which took us to the McGee County Fairgrounds, our destination and "home" for the next ten days.

We will be attending a Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) regional rally put on by the Rocky Mountain Chapter. Today is the first day for early arrivals and we were among the first arriving a bit after one. We dumped our holding tanks and then got parked in a nice 50 ampere end spot.

We got settled in and were unpacking everything for a ten day stay when the parkers knocked on our door and advised that we'd been parked incorrectly and would have to relocate. We stowed everything away and moved, this time to a 30 ampere end spot, which we've been assured will be "home" for the duration.

Today's run was 139 miles with an overall fuel consumption average of 8.2 mpg.

Sun, 27 Apr: And the winds they did blow!

We've been here since Thursday and have learned that this corner of New Mexico can really be windy. But then again, we've encountered high winds whenever we've been in New Mexico—North, South, East, or West. Perhaps "New Mexico" means "damn windy" in some language or another.

Friday we ventured into town and learned that Farmington has many facilities and services. Several big box chain outfits, including Sams Club. We stocked up on victuals and stopped for some very good Mexican food on the way back.

Yesterday it was really windy, with gusts in excess of 50 mph. We had the long slide retracted most of the day and Carpe was rockin' and rollin'. The winds abated toward evening so we were able to re-extend the slide for comfy sleeping. The overnite low was in the mid thirties and today's forecast is for more wind and a high in the fifties.

Tomorrow, Monday, we'll try to get our laundry done. The rally officially opens on Tuesday so the fun begins.

Sat, 03 May: The week, she did fly...

Where has the week gone? It is difficult to believe that the rally is almost over and we'll be decamping in the morning. The folks in the Rocky Mountain area did a good job, and most important everyone was as friendly as can be.

A quick recap of the week's activities...

Monday, yes we did get the laundry done and our circuit breaker arrived in the mail.

Tuesday, we installed the circuit breaker to make a permanent fix. Hurray! Lunched at Si Senor, excellent!

Wednesday, the rally started and we attended several seminars and visited the vendor area.

Thursday, more seminars and purchased a refrigerator fire extinguisher for our Norcold. Our mail arrived from our forwarding service so we picked that up and stopped at Furr's Cafeteria for lunch. Dinner was included in our registration fee followed by a very funny comedy team, Bernie & Red.

Friday, went to dump our holding tanks, but couldn't get the slide hydraulic pump to work. We wiggled wires and it started working again. Not good. Lunch and dinner were included with the rally fee.

Today, Saturday, Had Phil from Phil & Ann's RV Repair replace the master and slave solenoids for the HWH hydraulic system. Everything seemed to check out OK.

Outta here in the morning.

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