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Day 321 - 324 of The Big Trip

On January 19, as we were getting up, it started to rain and then it really began to pour. It's never fun to disconnect in the rain. It finally began to lighten up and Clark was able to get the hoses and cord stowed. As we traveled west, the day began to get better and better and soon, we had clear skies. The drive from Perry to Panama City Beach was about 170-180 miles and a lot of it was right along the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. We saw several bear warning signs and decided we had as much chance of seeing a bear as we did of seeing a moose in Maine. None. Our destination was the campground at the Panama City Beach Naval Weapons Center. Just as we were leaving the highway to go to the base, we saw a beautiful rig driving down the highway. As we crossed the Apalachicola River, we went from the Eastern Time Zone back into Central. It hit us that we'd spent a fair amount of time in the ETZ. Looking back at our itinerary, we entered the ETZ on July 7 and left it on January 19 - 28 weeks, 6-1/2 months. A big portion of this trip has been in the East.

January 20 The Andersons were gone very early, as they had to drive to Alabama to meet Sandi's step-son and meet his new baby. That gave us a day to do "stuff." The first thing on the list was to find an RV technician. Clark called a couple - one could come tomorrow and the other he called thought he could make it about noon. And, he did. Thirty dollars and some fiddling with wiring and the refrigerator was working. Now, it was finger-crossing time to see if it would get cold. Just as we were getting dinner ready, ice dropped. We were back in business. After the Andersons got back from Alabama, we investigated what there is to do in Panama City Beach. Unless we want to spend a lot of time at theme parks, we could find nothing else at attracted us. There is a beautiful beach, but the weather is supposed to get colder, again, so that doesn't sound like fun.

January 21 It did get colder. It's too bad we're in beach country, but not in beach weather.

January 22 The city issued a freeze warning and we were told to make sure we let the water run.

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