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Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Riohacha to Santa Marta and Taganga, Colombia

We are right up in the northernmost part of Colombia and in the morning today we stopped on the side of the road and had a view of the ocean – the Caribbean Sea – it’s amazing that we have travelled right up from Ushuaia in the southernmost part of South America right up to the north of the continent in about 2 months. Many long days and interesting sights. We drove to near the town of Santa Marta and parked the truck and transferred to minibuses to head to Taganga to stay in a hotel for three nights.

Santa Marta was the town where Simon Bolivar, the liberator, (El Libertador) died in 1830, a broken man after his dreams of forging a confederation of the countries of Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador had failed in the 1820s. Bolivar was the son of very wealthy parents and came from Caracas. By the time he was 32, he and his armies had liberated all the countries in the northern part of South America from Spanish rule. He was a very forward thinking person of great integrity and vision – too bad indeed that he lived in South America where every country has fallen over the years into the hands of dictators, despots, criminals and other awful people. He is extremely well respected in Venezuela still. They need a visionary like him now to solve their problems. He was (apparently) named Man of the Millennium by some. It is difficult (having been here) to disagree with the opinion of him.

In the minibuses, we drove the last few kilometres to our hotel and had lunch there and spent the afternoon relaxing. In the late afternoon, we walked down to the town, had a drink and watched the sun set over Taganga Beach. This town could not be described as beautiful – it is quite messy (no surprise..) and the streets are very narrow and unpaved with holes. It is on the backpacker trail so quite busy. We then came back to the hotel for a light dinner.

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