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Wagga Walk



some camp in style

our camp

Botanic Gardens

Goudian Finch

Healthy Wambat

Cold misty morning

14/04 –21/04 Our next camp is at Oura Beach, just outside of Wagga Wagga on the Murrumbidgee River. We were going to camp at Wilks Park just a little closer in, but when we got there it looked like a caravan and camping show with about 70 vans all parked around each other. Not for us. This place is also popular but there is heaps of room all along the river and we are all spaced out. Found some great walks, Corellas everywhere and also a Pomegranate tree tucked away on some farm land, of which I have raided. Went into town to have a look around and went into the Art and Glass Gallery. There were some beautiful pieces in there. There was an award for glass artists, and the lower floor had the competitors entrance pieces. The winner was a violin and Cello moulded in glass which is usable. An amazing piece of work. The artist is also a violinist and was looking for something light to carry and play. This looked almost like the skeleton of a violin and she uses it in concerts. We are here until the Easter madness is over. Good Friday and people come pouring into Oura reserve, very busy now and the evenings are interesting. Easter holidays in the country mean bonfires, explosions, loud singing, gunshots, country music, Jimmy Barnes and AC/DC. Family camped next door to us were playing some pretty loud music and they sent their son across to see if it was too loud, but when we said, no and play AC/DC again we were invited over for drinkies around their fire. They come from Wagga, she is a nurse and he is a builder Went into the Botanic gardens today, lovely as all of them are,this one had a zoo as well. I needed some Rosemary for the lamb roast on Sunday, which I managed to find and stocked up the pantry. Woke up to a misty morning today and cold temps again. Have stayed 8 nights and are finally moving on.

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