Camp Warby Ovens NP

Before the rains

Fox or Wombat?

Collecting rain water

Same creek after rains

07/04 –13/04 Still in Victoria and it has been raining for 3 days and nights solid drenching rains. We are camped at the Warby-Ovens National Park just out of Wangaratta. This is a newly created park in 2010 to enable the shire to protect the beautiful Iron Bark trees and Redgums. This area was open for logging in the depression years and wood shipped to Peachellba to be transported to Melbourne. Then the two camps held 40 Italian immigrants each after WW2. We have had the camp to ourselves for the past 6 days and it has been glorious. A bit tricky trying to find your way in but once here it is worth it. Heaps of walks and after the rains the once dry creeks then became torrents or water. We collected about 24litres to replenish our tanks. Took s drive out to Wodonga and down to Beechworth.

Wodonga is the poorer sister city of Albury. Beechworth retains all its history in its building and surrounds. This is where Ned Kellys mother spent a short spell of her 3 year jail sentence in the Beechworth Prision and it is where Ned stood in the docks for sentencing in August of 1880 for his hanging in November. Drove the gorge track and the rains had made the water falls full and creeks run. Clouds hung down over the hill side and the views were beautiful. Not sure when we will leave the National Park.

We witnessed an amazing phenomenon today, at around 4.00pm I noticed something floating in the sky and took out the binoculars for a better look, it appeared to be a spider web but then all around there were millions of pieces of web floating in the currents all around us, some so high you could only see them by binoculars. This went for about an hour then they slowly started to dwindle. A few pieces landed near us and on closer inspection it was just a thin sticky spiders web with nothing attached that I could see. Had a look on Google and apparently there is a spider that does this sort of thing in high altitudes and that is how they spread themselves around, some have been caught on sailing ships 1600 kms out to see and weather balloons have also been noted to have them stuck on them. That was pretty special.

We have stayed in the park for 7 days and had it to ourselves all that time. We were warned that at Easter there is a big group of 8 families heading in, so we decided to leave on Monday

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