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One thing we forget to mention about Interlaken, the Wailers were staying at our hostel! We weren't in town long enough to see them play, but we did rub elbows with them some. One of them came and asked who was winning while we were playing chess in the bar ('This Chinese guy once tried to teach me chess, but I never saw him again, so I don't know how to play'). Another was very much in agreement with Raime's smart aleck remark about how lousy the free breakfast was. The next day he paid the 10 francs extra for the not much better fancy breakfast. Kathy's room was across the hall from one of their's, and she was able to spy on the coming and going of women. We felt cool.

Today was a dreary day, and we got very wet visiting the Alpenzoo. It was fun though, there were no bears or ibex but we got to see many owls, rodents, giant-horned mountain goats called Steinbecks, and more.

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