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Another good week this week.

I started at the gym (which is next door to work) today and had a good work out session at lunch time.

Tuesday after work I met up with Uncle Bevan and Aunty Joan for a couple of drinks after work. They are having a great time and are looking well. Then I was off to dinner with Beth and Felicia, as Felicia was returning home on Thursday and it was a mini goodbye dinner.

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday where the same old same old at work. Still enjoying it and the people I work with are great, Iam getting on well with a lot of them.

Friday night, something different, went out!! LOL. Went to a local bar near work for Shannon's ( an aussie from work) Birthday. Then moved onto liescter square and to the Walkabout in Covent Garden before getting home at an early time of 1am. :)

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