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On the 6th Maureen made a bunch of homemade sushi with the...

Taking a picture of Kelly taking a picture of the sushi!

Family photo including Rasna


Leaving the dock at Tofino Air

Looking up Sechelt Inlet

West Sechelt

Trail Islands

Nanaimo Ferry

Float plane dock



On the way back the pilot flew over our house with the...

Dragon boat


Motoko on the microwave shelf

Mo on the armchair

Mo in a box

Snow capped mountains from Langdale ferry terminal

We took the new South Fraser Perimeter Road this time, from Alex...

The view of the North Shore from the Perimeter Road

Vehicle freighter

Daffodil field near Chilliwack

Mt. Cheam


Going up the Coquihalla


Burned out semi - still smoldering - that closed the south bound...



They stopped the traffic near the old toll booth and stopped anymore...

No traffic!

Circular sprinkler pattern near Merritt - Nicola Valley

Water skier in April!

New shoes courtesy of Alison and Miz Mooz Boutique

Kite flying

After the storm

April dinner - this is dessert!

Happy Hour in May

Drag race

Garage sale in May - rained out and will be re-scheduled to...

Coyote rummaging in the empty land at our end of the resort

Looks like he found something to eat


Mother's Day roses from Ken and Mavis

New bracelet made by Cherie from Celtic Fire Design

A foggy morning - couldn't see the other side of the lake

Beautiful lilacs

More baby goslings

Valerie's cat Thomas

Our craft project - a relief globe


Amazing Hankerchief Tree at UVic

Gorgeous rhodos

Happy 19th Anniversary - Pat & Steve were married at UVic and...



It was a rare sight to see Pat eating with her fingers...

Victoria Day Parade - many large bands

Irish Dancers

Interesting costumes for this band


BMX group set up on two flat decks

Peacock at Beacon Hill Petting Zoo

Baby ducklings



Pat teaching a goose to hiss!

As mentioned we arrived in Sechelt on the 4th and Larry had no trouble at all backing the coach into the driveway. The next day Aaron arrived for a few days and Rasna arrived in the evening for an overnight. Maureen made sushi for dinner!

On the 7th Maureen and Larry went over to Nanaimo by seaplane. It was a beautiful quick trip. We wanted to meet with the people who build modular homes. Brad, who we had met in Palm Springs and who is developing our wastewater system at Swan Lake, lent us his vehicle. We met him for lunch, and then after our meeting we went to his house for a quick visit with his wife Cheryl. Then Brad took us to the seaplane for another nice flight back to Sechelt.

We left Sechelt at 8:30 on the 14th - the coach came out of the driveway as easily as it went in. We were on the 10:30 ferry and we had a big breakfast so we wouldn't have to stop for lunch. When we got off the ferry, we headed for the Alex Fraser Bridge and by taking the new South Fraser Perimeter Road, missed the expense of taking the coach over the Port Mann Bridge. It was a very pretty drive along the Fraser River. Before the summit on the Coquihalla there was the burned out shell of a semi that had caught fire in the southbound lane, presumably its brakes had caught fire and it had spread. It was still smoldering when we went by. When we got to the old toll booth, the traffic was totally stopped in those lanes and had already been there for at least a couple of hours. We did not see any traffic coming toward us until we almost got to Merritt. They had either stopped or re-routed the traffic. The detour added an extra 1 1/2 hours to their trip but it would beat being stopped for several hours. The snow was lovely on the mountains and there was still some at the side of the road. The gravel had already been cleaned up but a good rain was needed to wash away the dust.

When we arrived in Vernon, about 5:00 after stopping for fuel in Kamloops, we had put on a total of 9,109 km (5660 miles) this trip.

To those who used to attend the Women's Fastball Championships at Softball City, a good friend to the sport passed away. We met Iris because she had season's tickets right in front of us. When we went on to do our travelling thing, we shared e-mail addresses. After every journal entry she would reply with some comment. She was always interested in what we did. I just talked to the people at the home where she had moved and she passed away a couple of months ago - about the time the e-mail comments stopped. To this day, when we go to the drag races, we take our frozen water bottles so we have cold water throughout the day! A tribute to Iris for sure!

During the winter Maureen had spotted a nice pair of lime green shoes on Miz Mooz Facebook page (where Alison works). Alison very kindly sent a pair up to Vernon as a gift and they arrived in only two days. On the 28th we had quite a storm that, as usual, ended with a double rainbow.

The resort had a garage sale on May 3 and it was rained out. On the 4th, Maureen spotted a coyote in the empty property at our end of the resort. He didn't seem to mind the pouring rain and seemed to find quite a few snacks to eat. In the afternoon we went to the Army & Navy Meat Draw and won two racks of ribs. Ken and Mavis came the next night to help eat them. Mavis brought a bouquet of very pretty roses.

On the 9th Maureen took a drive to Kamloops, about 1 1/4 hours away. She went for lunch with Jennifer who used to work for Larry and then had a bracelet made by Cherie (who also used to work for Larry).

On the 14th Maureen took the Greyhound down to Coquitlam. Valerie picked her up and they had a nice three days - worked on crafts, visited with some White Rock friends, went to a Red Hat Lunch, met Aaron and Alison on Commercial Drive for Ethiopian food. On the 17th Valerie took her to the ferry and Pat and Steve picked her up from the 11 am ferry. She had a great four-day visit with Pat and Steve - anniversary dinner, walked around Finnerty Gardens at UVic, Derby Road reunion dinner at Heron Rock Bistro, walked to Beacon Hill Park and the Petting Zoo. Pat dropped Maureen off at the bus depot at 7:45 on the 21st, got the 9 am ferry, bus to the Vancouver Bus Depot then the Greyhound to Vernon, arriving at 6:45. A great trip.

The rest of the month passed uneventfully. The Social Committee put on a breakfast on the 10th, a dinner on the 24th. They do excellent work. There were 74 people for steak dinner on the 24th.

Larry continued to work in the office for both months. He has everything now ready for the AGM in July as well as property tax notices and everything organized.

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