This morning we started early and hit the road for Phoenix at 0800. The temperature was around 68 degrees and the sky was clear and the sun bright. Traffic on I-10 was light and moving at the limit and even faster for many. We crossed into Arizona around 0930 and were looking for an Arizona Information Center but there are none at the California Arizona border. We were hoping to get an up to date map of the State and some attractions in the Phoenix area that might be of interest to us, but no luck.

After we got registered and assigned to a site we got set-up and then we contacted Dish to give them the Zip Code so we could pick up the local network channels via the satellite. This is a process we need to do every time we move because the service we had previously, All America Direct, went out of business and once you leave your home area Dish does not automatically provide the local network channels at your new location. The current process is a real pain in the posterior and if Dish doesn’t make the system far simpler process than it is now we will be looking to Direct to see if their system is less troublesome.

We purchased fuel at the Flying J here in Phoenix and paid what is likely to be the lowest we will find for the remainder of this trip. We paid $3.629 which is not cheap but is significantly cheaper than what we have been paying so far. In California we paid $3.999 and $4.019.

The campground we are staying in is one we have never visited previously. It is a nice campground with all the necessary amenities except for free WIFI at each site. They have a for fee WIFI service available at each site or a free WIFI at the Main Office and Library.

Ross’ nephew Dan, his wife Stef, and their two boys, Dan Jr., and Steven stopped by this evening and we had a very nice visit. We are meeting Dan tomorrow morning at a powder coating company that will be able to strip the paint off of the radiator grill on the motorhome and then powder coat the grill. Ross tried to have the job done in California before we left but no company can use a chemical strip due to California’s environmental laws and the one powder coater in the area said the grill to flimsy to sandblast the paint off so it can be powder coated. Chemical stripping is legal in Arizona so I am hopeful the grill can repaired while we are here in Phoenix.

The relatives have left a few minutes ago and Marge and Ross are tired and ready to hit the sack. A long sentence to say we are going to bed so that is all for this journal entry.

Ross & Marge

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