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Happy Birthday son!

Swiss steak, yummy!

Time to relax...

Pretty Miss Jasmine, hard at work...

Papa hanging on his inversion table...

Levi wanted to try...

Jasmine's turn...

Auntie Tawnia & Lyla...Cute smiles, eh????

Love these kids!

Do you like my card Daddy?

Yes honey, I love it...Check out her smiling face! :)

The guys, all kicked back for the evening!

Aunt Bonnie (Lil Grandma) loves these kids too!

Doing a bit of juggling with an attentive audience...Can you see all...

Time for strawberry jello cake...

All done singing...If you've never heard this families version of 'Happy Birthday'...

Looks like there's a golf game with Dad & Unc in the...

Happy Birthday Larry! We love you :)

I'm running a bit behind posting again, sorry about that. It's been a busy week, seems to stay that way!

Last Monday, the 7th, was Lil Larry's 43rd birthday, and since we are in town (normally we're not), Larry & I wanted to do a 'special' birthday dinner for him. They have been very busy trying to get the remodeling done on their new home and Larry's 'real work' has been sporadic lately. He's currently working on the Tropicana Hotel, waiting for the next 'long term' job to kick in. Anyway, rather than all 11 of us going out to dinner after he got off work we decided to prepare one of his favorite meals, Swiss steak with all the trimmings, here at the house.

Of course there was also cake and ice cream and a few gifts too. What's a birthday without cake & ice cream, lol. It was great to see them all again. Tawnia's sister Tessa, and her one year old little girl Lyla, are here visiting from Canada so they joined us as well. We had a wonderful evening together but our time together went by way too fast and all too soon it was time to give hugs & kisses before sending them on their way.

Friday Larry had a doctor's appointment with the dermatologist. Just routine to check out a few new 'spots'. Isn't it odd how they seem to pop up more & more as we age? Anyway, it's always best to stay on top of them & get anything 'suspicious' checked out. We'll both have our annual checkups done later in the month, although I'm actually going to change doctor's this year and see a physician in Ely that Mom's been seeing for years. Larry will also be getting a new physician at the VA this year. It's time to get that solidified for future visits.

The wind has been rocking & rolling for the past couple of days and it's much hotter than I like. Been in the 90's the past several days. I believe it's supposed to go back down into the mid 80's starting today, yippeee! As you know, I love the 70's and I don't mean musically!

Next week we are going to Panguitch, Utah to spend a few days with our friends Jim & Brenda at their cabin. We haven't been to Utah in awhile, so we're really looking forward to that. J & B have spent many summers there, but always in their motorhome. They sold their motorhome last year & purchased a 3 bedroom, 3 level cabin so looking forward to seeing it. And it's in a lovely area to boot!

Well, enough chatter for now. I hope you are all having a great day and thanks for stopping in. We appreciate it!

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