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Coffs harbour Jetty

Dolphins surfing at Gallows Beach

The surfers also enjoying the waves and Dolphins

Kookabarras at Nambucca Beach

Nice quiet Shelly Beach out from Coffs Harbour

April 4th

Today I had the car booked in for it's 75000kms service, I had to drop it off at the dealers at 8.30am, they then dropped me back at the caravan. I used today as the day to do some of the little maintenance things on the caravan. This filled the day in OK. The dealer came and picked me up at 2.30pm to go and pick up the car. All was OK, just a service. This afternoon the weather has turned a bit nasty and we are getting a fair bit of rain, so basically stuck in the caravan for the day anyway.

April 5th

Well today we thought we would give it another try to get to Coffs Harbour, again about 1 hour up the Hwy there was another truck roll over, this time it was not blocking the Hwy so we could still get through OK. It took us about 2.5 hours to do the 170kms as there was also another accident with a truck that was being cleaned up. It looks like it had caught fire. We got to Coffs Harbour and had a look around, this is a very pretty town. We had a paddle in the water as it was very warm. Then a bit of a drive around some of the beaches. We came to a beach named Gallows Beach and there was a number of surfers enjoying the surf. We noticed a bit of disturbance in the water and we could see some fins, not sure what it was we watched for a few minutes, then to our surprise we saw two Dolphins surfing the waves as well. We sat and watched this for a while until the Dolphins took off out to sea. After about 2 hours we headed back to Port MacQuarie and the caravan. On the way back the weather turned really bad, a lot of rain which made the trip a bit slower. The way the NSW drivers drive on this Hwy I can see why there is so many accidents. Also along the way in both directions there are a lot of road works, and believe me, If I don't get a speeding fine i will be very surprised as the Police were everywhere especially along the road works. (Anika, If an official looking letter arrives at the house give me a call) It may be a fine, I think I am OK but you never know because as well as the Police they have fixed cameras all along the Hwy.

April 6th

Today we left Port MacQuarie around 10am to head south,not sure where we will get to. We checked out a caravan park (??) which the Port MacQuarie park is connected to, this turned out to be a very unkempt park, we spoke to a couple who had booked in the day before and they were not impressed, so we kept going hoping to find a free camp along the road. We spotted a couple but they are all in national parks and not the best so we kept going. We eventually stopped at a park called "Palm Lakes" sounds nice but again very basic. But we decided to stay as it was starting to get late. The park was very full of permanent caravans, but it was very quiet. The only problem was that the TV coverage was very broken up and impossible to watch.

April 7th

We were up early and on the road by 8.30am, headed through the hills and towards the Pacific Hwy. I found a Big 4 Caravan park at Umina which is about 1.25 hours North of Sydney and on the coast. We arrived about 12.30pm after stopping for a bite of lunch at a service area on the Hwy. We have decided to stay here for two nights. As it will be school holidays starting this weekend we will need to get our selves organised as it is also Easter next week. The cost of caravan parks is amazing from this weekend. We are paying $37 per night (Less the Big 4 discount) from this Friday this goes up to $80 per night for a caravan bay for the school holidays and Easter. Talk about making money. But the park is full from this Friday !! I think we will be heading inland a bit next week and try to find some free camp sights.

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