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Doulton building Lambeth


We arrived in London @4pm-straight off the plane-bags-customs-taxi cab-too easy! The driver appeared a bit puzzled by the address, which is always comforting, but we assured him it was in Lambeth of the embankment and off we sped. A hair raising ride thru narrow streets packed with shoppers and diners intent on surviving till their next meal at least. Our driver did his utmost to take a few out, but they were just as adept at the game and stepped nimbly aside as we careered through.

My first faux pas since arriving on terra firma was to enquire of our driver whether he knew where he was going. The rebuke went something along the lines of "I'm a London cabbie with blahblahblah" (don't quote me). Trouble was, I was a middle aged Aussie female traveler with 21 flying hours and numerous airline meals under my belt. I really didn't care. We arrived at Salamanca place, dumped our bags and headed out to find the basic necessities to get thru till morning. A good night's sleep (punctuated by emergency vehicle sirens and the clatter of the trains) enabled us to gain some normality after the sleep deprived previous 48 hours.

The Doulton factory is our neighbor. This is what I love about London! Amazing finds you make because you're on foot

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