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From the train to Jungfraujoch, early in the morning

At one of the transfer stations


A glacier (forgotten the name by now)

The ladies (slightly dizzy from the altitude)

Raime was dizzy too

An old Korean woman told us to get closer together

Kate with some seals in the ice cave, 10 meters below the...

The ladies again

Could we be any more giddy!

The jungfraujoch complex (with restaurants, shops, and more)

At Kleinn Sheidze (or whatever), one of the many goats that tried...

Some cows ignoring Kathy

Some cows ignoring Raime

A gorgeous couple in gorgeous Alpen scenery

And a gorgeous mother and daughter pair

Kate realizes again what a good idea it was to defer med...

Kathy explaining to us that ''We are in the Alps!''

''And there goes the train we took!''

More goats (they were everywhere)

The one shot we took in the 18 hours we were in...

And now some Austrian cows we met while hiking near Innsbruck

Kate at 2000+ meters

Looking at the valley below

Raime looking for a snack (a frequent occurrence)

Spread out in the 7-bed dorm we had to ourselves

So since the last entry we've had quite a few adventures. On our last day in Interlaken we took the train up to the highest train station in Europe, the Jungfraujoch. The station is at about 11,000 feet atop a glacier. It was amazing. We had a beautiful day, and the views were fabulous. We all felt the effects of the altitude a bit since we went from about 2000 feet to 11000 in about 2 hours, but we enjoyed it anyhow. The last 40 minutes of the train ride were inside a small tunnel under the glacier! They even had an 'Ice Palace' which consisted of a tunnel down 30 feet into the ice of the glacier and a bunch of ice sculptures! Fabulous pictures to come, hopefully we'll be able to post them from Munich.

That afternoon we continued on to Zurich where the next day we saw Kathy off to the airport. It was sad, but we had a great time with her over the past couple of weeks. Now we're officially forced to be travel bums again! We arrived yesterday evening in Innsbruck, which we immediately loved. Not nearly as many tourists, it's a very lively small city, and the setting is gorgeous. We are staying in a 7 bed hostel dorm room, but we're the only ones there for our whole stay! So it's a lot like being at camp, we're enjoying all the space and the privacy. Today we took advantage of the one day of sunshine we may get here and went for a long hike. We took a cable car most of the way up a mountain, hiked the rest of the way to the top, then over and down to a little town and bussed it back. The views were incredible and we had a great day. Tomorrow we're off to the Alpenzoo to check out bears and ibexes! Should be exciting!

Hope all is well at home.

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