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San Diego Safari Park Entrance

View from African Tram

Another View from African Tram

Imani & Infant

Yesterday we took Justice and Liala to San Diego's Safari Park outside of Escondido. It was such a beautiful day and a great time for all of us.

First on our visit was the Gorilla Trail where we got to see the young gorillas playing and the older gorilla lazily watching. Got a glimpse of Imani and infant but she was way in a corner nursing and my picture didn't come out well. However, on our way out of the park we took the Gorilla Trail again. Got a much closer look and a much better picture of both. In case you haven't heard of Imani in the news, she is an 18 year old gorilla who had a C-section on March 12th. The infant was born with pneumonia and mother and infant were separated for 12-days. Once united, Imani took on motherhood as a pro; constantly cradling and carrying her infant. We got to see them on Day Four of their reunion when Imani was still constantly holding her infant.

From the Gorilla Trail, we headed to the African Walk and saw tigers and lions which Liala loves to see so she can roar. Took the African Tram and saw giraffes, rhinoceros, water buffalo, zebras, and many more. It was so neat to see the animals out in the open. Sable Antelopes were lying in protective position; one faces one way while the next one faces the other way and so on in that pattern; looking for danger.

Went to Elephant Valley and saw numerous elephants eating. Walked past the tents in the "Roar and Snore" overnight camping site and then gave the girls time to cool off in the "Cool Zone" while waiting for the "Cheetah Run" to start. Justice ran through the water fountains but Liala was too leery of getting wet. The "Cheetah Run" is similar to a dog race only it is just one cheetah, named Shiley, running 100 meters in 5.3 seconds. We had a great view of the 1st start and then the 2nd return finish. By then we were ready to leave via the Gorilla Trail.

San Diego Zoo and San Diego Safari Park are both great attractions for all ages. Justice kept thinking she was seeing Africa on our tram ride.

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