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Well it took several hours to sort out all our stuff, and thesis morning it still wasn't completely sorted! Anyway, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast outside, the temperatures already climbing. Beautiful blue sky with a few puffy white clouds, just right for laundry duties!

We finally roused ourselves and drove around cairns, well the bit by the see; not very exciting, so we headed for the hotel. Checked in and then drove down The Esplanade to,park and eat lunch by the beach. Then, finally, on to hand the camper back to Maui. A very personable young German offered, when he realised we expected transport to our hotel, to take us in his own car. A nice touch.

After catching up with some sleep we wandered along to find the night market. What a disappointment! It was full of very cheap tourist tat, or massage parlours, nothing like the night markets we had experienced in SE Asia; this one was not worth a visit. On the way we walked under a large tree full of fruit bats (flying foxes in Oz-speak), chattering away but still roosting.

After the market, we looked around for a bar and ordered a cocktail that just hit the spot - Campari, Punt e Mes, Prosecco and orange; fantastic! While we sat there as the sun went down the noise from a tree opposite increased as more and more Rainbow Lorikeets arrived. Eventually their must have been several hundred of them and the noise became deafening, so we left and walked back towards the hotel. We had seem an Indonesian restaurant on our way out and decided to eat there. We passed the 'bat tree' again but by now the bats were all on the wing and flitting around the street. There seemed to be hundreds of them and they were quite big, so,we walked on the opposite side of the street!!

The restaurant proved to offer Balinese cuisine and it was very, very good; we ate far too much and staggered back to the hotel to bed.

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