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Hospital in Bonifay, FL

February was not such a good health month for us. We were into our MMAP(Mobile Missionary Assistance Program) project and both of us ended up sick and either in the hospital or the clinics.

Today Debbie laid down to take a nap and her heart started beating really fast and she felt pressure in her ears. Thinking could this be a heart attack called Tom at his job and he took her to the local hospital.

A few hours later come to find out the heart was racing due to a over the counter cough syrup she had been taking. Things like that will affect your blood pressure.

But they did diagnosis her with an upper respiratory infection and sent her home with some antibiotics.

Tom ended up a few days later going to Urgent Care and he now has Pneumonia. And after Debbie finished her antibiotics she still was not feeling well. In fact she was feeling worse with a horrible coughs. So she went to Urgent Care and he now has Bronchitis. Will this ever end. Both of us had horrible coughs that seemed to of lasted forever.

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