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Arriving at Gary & Lynne's....Love the flowers :)

Time for lunch!

I enjoyed the view this morning while Larry emptied our tanks...

This helps me remember where we were on down the road :)

Pretty wildflowers along the freeway...

Arriving at our destination....

View out our front door...

Arriving at the swap meet, Larry liked the way they display their...

Friendly cook at the 'dog' stand...

Oh man, wish you could taset this!

Back at Home Sweet Home...

Pretty sunrise out our front door! Yep, I said sunrise, lol :):):)

Wednesday afternoon we arrived in Casa Grande around 1pm with plans to spend the afternoon with friends Gary & Lynne. You might remember that Larry & Gary attended high school together. Isn't it awesome when you can maintain those close school friendship's? I know when I see my best buddy Judy it's like we were together just a few short years ago. Well Larry & Gary have that same type of relationship. After checking out their beautifully remodeled kitchen and backyard we headed to one of their favorite Mexican Restaurants, Mi Amigo Ricardo. Good food, huge portions! Afterward we played a card game for a bit before heading back to our campground. We were pulling out, heading to the Yuma area the next day, so this visit was way shorter than we would have liked. Hopefully we'll get together again soon. Maybe they'll stop in and see us again in Custer????

We pulled out of our site at 12 noon on Thursday and were second in line at the dump site. It was time to empty our tanks for the last time, which wasn't breaking Larry's heart. As much as we liked Picacho Peak SP it was inconvenient to not have fresh water available all the time. Each of the loops at this particular campground have electric, but only electric. Fresh water was available at the dump site, but for us, it's way too much work to unhook the rig to refill. We tried to be conservative but we still ran short the day before we left. So, rather than move the house, we hauled one gallon water jugs & refilled our tanks VERY slowly. What ever it takes, right?

I chose a Passport America campground for the next six nights that sounded like it might work out well for us and the rate was good. However, upon arrival we were disappointed to note that it was heavily treed and mostly full of full time residences. And, it was not in the best condition. One of the many reasons we don't like to make reservations. We quickly checked additional camping resources and ultimately chose Gold Rock Ranch RV Resort located approximately 23 miles outside of Yuma. Although a bit isolated, we love it out here! The scenery is great, the owner is a sweetheart and everyone is very friendly. It's a PA park and you can stay unlimited nights. Perfect!

We've been here four days and have stayed busy. Saturday we went to the Yuma Park 'n Swap and picked up several items for the rig. We had lunch while there and even though I'm not a big 'dog' fan I have to say I had the best one ever!!! Oh my, it was tasty. Perhaps because it was wrapped in bacon while grilling? Or the grilled onions & peppers? Or the combination of three sauces? Or the old fashioned coca-cola in a bottle??? Yummy....I'm going to try & duplicate them again later.

Larry befriended a nice guy named Mike. He came by this morning and invited us to attend his church. We enjoyed the service very much and afterward decided to go to a matinee to see the recently released film 'God's Not Dead'. Wow, it was very well done. We enjoyed it immensely and hope to see it again in the next couple of weeks. Highly recommend you see it.

Tomorrow we'll be crossing the border into Algadones, Mexico for some dental work. My crown chipped last Friday and even though it doesn't hurt I want to get it checked out. I'm fortunate enough to still have most of my natural teeth so I want to get this taken care of while in the area. Many folks come to the Yuma area just for dental, eyeglasses & prescriptions. Snowbird capital of the world I believe! Larry has an appt as well. Can you believe that just last year he cut a wisdom tooth? Apparently it's been driving him crazy, even though he hasn't said much. So, maybe an extraction for him tomorrow? Anyway, he claims that his new 'wisdom tooth' isn't making him one bit smarter so he really doesn't need it, lol. So, that's it for now. I'll let you know how things go later. Keep your fingers crossed for both of us ok? We are 'dental' wimps!!!

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