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the truck convoy in Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance surf club

slab hut Info centre at Orbost on Snowy River

the view from the c/van pk over the waters at Mallacoota

Day 28 - Saturday 22nd March Lakes Entrance to Mallacoota

We would like to stay for a couple of nights to rest and do little, but it won't be here at Lakes Entrance, the site is required for a booking tomorrow - so hitch up roll out, and head further east. We've now completed the list of "must see ......" So there is is no itinerary or pressure dates other than our "home by ..." date which is Good Friday. Today we slept in and used up every minute of our site time leaving the park at 10:02. Unknown to us a public procession of semis and prime-movers was rolling through town when we tried to cross the highway to the river side a few minutes after leaving. We would have sat at an intersection waiting to get out for at least 5 mins before we got a quick break and moved out. We found a rest area and parked the car and van to go walking while the trucks kept on rolling by non-stop for at least another 15mins making an unbelievable amount of noise as they kept tooting the airhorns for the onlookers benefit. They even had police 'blessing" with major intersections manned and closed. We found out that the truckies had a major kids charity event on for the day at the airfield nearby. During our short walk Jan espied a shop where the occupant just might be able to do something with "... this hair - it's driving me insane!!!!". Yep, time for a haircut, so I got to read the Victorian paper right through before we headed back to the van for a cuppa and hit the road.

Orbost is a nice town on the banks of the Snowy River which flows out to sea just south of the town. After checking out the info centre which is housed in an original slab hut built in the 1850s, we moved to a park on the river edge to have lunch and watch the black swans on the river - two adult swans and 10 sygnets.

Surprise, surprise, I think today is one of only a couple that have been full sun ALL DAY - wow! Tonight's destination, Mallacoota, is on the far SE coast of Victoria, probably the last major town before we cross over into NSW

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