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letting the working dogs out for a run early am

separating milk - "Honey" contributes to the kitchen

the dogs like a bowl ofthe fresh skimmed milk

hay supplement in this dry weather

sheep following the trail of hay kicked off the ute

the shearing shed - walls poured in-situ

Day 21 Saturday 15th March (Ron) at Penshurst

Morning chores were the order of the day before going out for a drive to look at nearby country areas and meet John and Annette's son Simon and family who live nearby. We even did a repair of a fence where some sheep had squeezed under to get at the long greener grass on the side of the road. Also spent some time on the 4WD feeding some of the sheep. A large hay bale is put on the back of the ute; low range is engaged; put in 1st gear on idle; then hop out of the moving ute and climb on the back of the driverless vehicle to peel off the hay for the sheep which are eagerly trotting behind in anticipation.

The shearing shed was definitely worth a look. It was hard to realise what the sounds and sights would be when it is in full swing late Oct early Nov as 6 shearers work every day for a week or so putting the entire sheep holding through the shed. The wool gets shorn, picked over to remove as much rubbish as possible which has got caught in the fleece then the fleece goes through the hands of the classer before it gets baled up in a wool press and stored for sale. Its on our bucket list to try to get back there for shearing time - all we have to do is convince Sharla that we can be away from home while EOY activities are on!!!

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