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Colourful flowers at Kuelap

Chachapoyas plaza



Inca ruins on the mountain side

The church at the last village before Kuelap


An entrance to the fort

Steps outside the fort

Outside the walls

Outside the walls


a tree...





This is what a house would of looked like - only the...

This face was carved on to a platfrom that was used for...

the path to Kuelap

These houses would of been for rich people because they had patterns


Inside what a house would of looked like

Inside what a house would of looked like


The bus to Chachapoyas was ok, but long, we had to change at a small town called Pedro Ruiz. We got to Chachapoyas at about 6pm.

Chachapoyas was a pleasant town with a nice plaza with nice buildings around it. We stayed in the cheapest hostel we could find which was very basic but ok.

We booked tours for the next day - Karin was going to do a 3 day tour but I didn't have the time so I just booked to do the one day to Kuelap - the huge ruins a few hours away.

We were both very sad because we new we would have to go our separate ways but then again we didn't want to miss out on anything we wanted to see.

We planned to meet in Lima 2 days before I leave for a festival there and one last fiesta!

The following day we said goodbye and both set off for our tours. It took about 4 hours to get to Kuelap on winding roads up in to the mountains. The scenery was stunning though and the guide was always explaining things to us for the whole journey.

Kuelap sits on a ridge about 3100meters above sea level. It is a huge fortress that was only discovered in about 1894. Since then not much has been done about it. The whole area which is about 600metres long is still covered in trees and vegetation. You can see people doing work on it, and tourists have only just really started to visit the site.

They say that about 3 times as much stone as the Pyramids of Giza were used to build Kuelap. It is a fascinating place to see. We spent 3 hours walking around, we even saw human remains in the walls which were tombs.

The guide was very good and explained everything, although he was not sure for certain about the facts. When they left the fortress hundreds of years ago, they took all their belongings and set alight to everything else

It was very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone in 10 years time it will be like Macchu Pichu - expensive and over crowded with tourists.

I booked the bus the next day for Lima which would take 24 hours! Depending on how I feel I may go all the way to Nasca.

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