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Meg - Dyb Dyb Dyb; Dob Dob Dob

our campsite at Treetops

Here's a letterbox that should bring music in the mail

- Wednesday 12th March (Ron)

Yeehhh! We've got some sun. Not sure how long it will lsat though - and it's quite cold this morning with a chilly wind. Decided to head to Melbourne (Meg is coming too for the ride)to get van Fixit No4 done at RoadTrek in Thomastown a northern suburb of Melb on the Western Ring Road. Very convenient. 3 f'ways and we were there in 50mins. Repairs were one while we had a hamburger and then we headed straight back.

Now the top lifts just fine. Fixit4 done. Yeehhhhhh!

Meg had dinner with us in van.

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