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Picking up THE handbag

Nibbles at 5pm

Thursday 13th to Friday 14th March


We are staying in the Scarborough Holiday Village which has drive through sites, and is on the Moreton Bay Penisula. It has no shade over the vans but that doesn't seem to matter. The ablutions are new and modern and spacious shower stalls.

We are very close to the cafe (at the front gate) which is open from 7am to 4pm, Gordie and Dave headed off to there this morning while I chatted to another resident in the park. By the time I caught up to them, they were ready to move on for the days touring.

We headed back to Nambour for another look at the Caravans and then the Ginger Factory at Yandina, where we had scones and coffee, then over to the coast a slow drive home, then about an hour and a half after leaving the Ginger Factory Steph discovers she has left her handbag at the Ginger Factory, hanging on the back of the chair. A phone call and all is well, the back is still on the chair, and will be locked away in information booth for us to pick up before 5pm or after 9am tomorrow. Tomorrow will do...Yeah!!! not..!!

As the freeway is congested due to an accident we headed off at next exit, which luckily for us was near a few caravan yards and so we filled in some more time having a look at the On the Move vans again. We have not seen the best van for us yet.

We eventually make it back to Redcliffe and have decided to cook dinner at the park tonight, we buy a piece of roasting butterflied marinated pork, and vegies and then head back to the park to get it on. The guys start happy hour, with crackers and wine, while Steph gets the vegies organised to go in with the roast. Very smooth teamwork happening here.

All was yummy, but after last night and day of driving around, we are all feeling an early night is in order. Goodnight, GB.


Steph gets the washing done while Dave and Gordie book Gordie's flight for home on Monday. Then we head back to the Ginger Factory, which was going to be a 5 minute pick up of a missing handbag..(head hung low)..but ended up being morning tea, as it was 11:15 and this is when Steph noticed the outside Shops at the Factory....which she did not realise were there the day before. OHHH OHHH..an hour and half later and lots of little purchases, the guys finally drag me out of there.

There was an interesting building not far from here that the guys requested I take a photo of..Alan R...this one is for you.

We then headed off to the Blackall Range Tourist Drive..through the Hinterland and this was magnificent, we were driving quite a bit along the top of the range and the views were amazing. This included towns of Witta, Conondale, Melany, and Woodford about 115kms altogether. We stopped at a lovely little restaurant about 2:30 for lunch, but were told the kitchen was closed and we should head on into Maleny only 5-6 minutes down the road, so we did. This town was like "WoW" reverse angle parking and so busy you could not get a park. We eventually do, and walk a few doors down the street looking for a cafe, and the one we decide to stop at, the computer is down, the kitchen is closed, so can only get what is on display, and "hot chips", but it was extremely entertaining watching the locals interact with "Roger" who was at the table next to ours. It seems to be an alternative, hippie type of town, but extremely friendly.

By the time we left and headed towards Woodford, the guys had given up on the GPS guided tour and were following the road signs that headed us to Brisbane, and we missed the Woodford turnoff, so missed going that route. The road was quite busy as well, must be a lot of people working in the bigger areas and enjoying the quiet country side living.

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