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Manger Square

Church of the Nativity

Church of the Nativity

Milk Grotto

Israeli settlement on West Bank











While in Jerusalem, we took the #21 bus from Damascus Gate through the check point into Palestine to visit Bethlehem, another listed World Heritage Site.

If the places we visited there had any connection to historical reality I couldn't say.

But we did enjoy spending time at a family owned shop specializing in Olive Wood objects. Now we know far more about the manufacture of such objects than seems likely to be useful. And we collected a fair number of extremely cheap souvenirs to distribute back home.

After another pleasant lunch of hummus, falafel and mint lemonade we took a taxi to the wall built to separate Israel from Palestine. After the fantasy world of Jerusalem and Bethlehem (Margaret felt they were more Disney sets than real places and I agree.) the Wall was stark reality. Displayed alongside some interesting graffiti there were panels with brief statements from Palestinian women describing their experiences. Much more moving and meaningful than anything we'd seen up to that point.

For details on the wall I'd suggest the following -


There was also a sense of hardship here we didn't see elsewhere in Israel. I could waste a lot of your time outlining the competing ideological positions on resolving the political situation here. I might even share my views ...

But I won't.

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