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I had a pretty good weekend in Leon and in general it was pretty quiet. I hooked up with a van full of people headed to Salinas Grandes to a small hostal there. The highlight of the night was this glow in the dark plankton that glows based on movement. The top of the waves looked like glowsticks as they curled and crashed. We were supposed to have a huge bonfire and big party on the beach but despite the great location not many came. We left Leon at 7pm and it was so lame we decided to head back to Leon at 11. So that's twice I've been to Salinas Grandes and twice I've come back early. I don't think I'll try a third time

Well I think it's time to move on from Leon. I had a pretty good weekend here and after a restful Sunday I decided to try Las Penitas. We go to Las Penitas we head to the beach so I know the area pretty well. It's a beach community and I think there might be some property there to rent or maybe even buy. I have the name of a realtor and I'm going to call him to show me around.

While I'm there I'm going to stay at the Lazy Turtle. At $30 a night its not a cheap place but a Canadian owns it and it was recommended. I might also try a few other spots in the area.

I'm not sure what the wifi is like there so if I drop out for a while don't get excited. lol. I'm perfectly fine

Love and miss you all


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