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Sunrise this morning



Our first view of the Ocean today

Brown California hills - way too early

The last exciting climb up the hill until we get to Jalama!

We're here! Finally!






A passing ship in the distance



Oil rig in the distance off shore

just missed a shot of dolphins




What a nice surprise. Here I have been saying that I would not be able to post on my blog for the next two weeks, and we found out that they have installed WiFi at Jalama Beach!!! Yayyy


We had an incredible start to this day with one of the most fantastic sunrises we have seen. John woke me up so that I could share in the beauty. The entire sky was orange and pink. It was worth waking up early for. I can sleep in another day.


We had a short travel day of around 140 miles today, although it was not an easy trip by any means. Our navigator had his work cut out for him. The sky was filled with high clouds so it was a mostly cloudy, party sunny day, but the temperature was a balmy 70 degrees.


We headed west to Highway 101 and turned north towards Santa Barbara. The ocean was extremely calm today with hardly any waves. California's hillsides are mostly brown due to the severe drought. The recent rains didn't appear to help the grass very much. It was good to see palm trees again. Highway 101 is old and in bad shape. Our poor home on wheels really got all shook up. In spite of it being Sunday, traffic was pretty heavy through all the coastal towns.


Once we turned onto Highway 1, we both began to get very excited. We were getting closer to our turnoff. Jalama Beach lies at the end of the very windy, 14 mile road. The farm land along the way was pretty and the hills seemed a little greener. And then, we were on the last leg of our journey. We climbed up the last hill and over the crest and there it was~! The ocean and the Jalama Beach campground below us. That scene never fails to take our breath away. It just doesn't get any better than this.


We are so very excited to be back in our favorite place in the whole country. There have been lots of changes to the campground and the rates have been doubled in the past three years, but the peaceful beauty cannot be changed. It is just spectacular here.


We got set up in our site and ate lunch, and just as we finished, our friends Sue and Manuel showed up. They will be camped next to us for the next 12 days. After visiting for hours, we decided to all have a famous Jalama burger for dinner at the Jalama Cafe. These massive burgers are the best and they really hit the spot for all of us weary travelers.


We watched an amazing sunset and got to see dolphins playing in the surf this evening. What a perfect day.

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