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this bear is NOT just hibernating!

downtown seligman, arizona is all about route 66

this classic edsel was hit by a drunk driver while it was...

couldn't get a good shot of this javelina family. but the baby...

more seligman. note the taxi is an edsel as well......they sell a...

and more seligman scenes

chickens in front of some old army trucks

skull of.....? i'm thinking javelina; not sure

this note left on my windshield made me laugh - and go...

just a quick posting this evening; i had a few interesting photos to share.

first, before i forget, i had made reference, in an earlier post, about the state of arizona posting ‘burma-shave-like’ safety signs, and i posted photos of one series. well, on this end of route 66, there are some REAL burma-shave signs. (not from the 50’s – these are newer – but erected by the burma shave company.) i didn’t want to post any more photos, but a couple of the series, if i can repeat them from memory, went like this: “angels who guard you / while you drive / usually retire / at 65” and “cattle crossing / please go slow / that old bull / is some cow’s beau”. cute!

i talked with another local person, a (former west coast) scotsman named michael orr, who works for the county and was mowing the roadside vegetation for fire suppression. in true scottish fashion, his homestead is called ‘rose + thistle’ – sounds like a pub. he’s been living in the high desert for 13 years and sees quite a lot of bikers and occasional walkers going cross-country, and makes sure they’re ok and well-prepared. i guess us-66 is a popular route, so it’s good there’s a ‘trail angel’ like michael watching out for people......

from a wildlife perspective, the only thing of note was seeing a family of javelinas yesterday. (wild pigs.) my photo doesn’t do them justice; there was a mom, a dad, and a small baby. and driving back to the hotel this afternoon i saw a great blue heron in flight; very graceful. we have those at home and they are beautiful birds.

i’m not really into photgraphing dead things but i thought people would be interested in the bear skeleton (plus partial pelt) and the skull, which i think is a javelina – but i’m bad at identifying bones. i’m surprised the bear carcass was still as ‘together’ as it was; i’d expect the local ‘recyclers’ to scatter the bones pretty quickly.

one of the things that took me several days to pass was this giant ranch call ‘big boquillas’ (big nozzles? huh?). anyway, the cattle ranch is 750,000 acres – one the the largest in the US – and is owned by the navajo nation. to get some perspective on how big 750,000 acres is, picture a square plot of land that is 34 miles long on each side. (55km for you foreign readers.) it would take you two days just to ride your horse around the perimeter! in addition to the cattle operation, which is subcontracted, the navajo indians are trying to build a wind turbine farm for renewable energy. but it’s being fought by – surprise – the local tea party. don’t know the current status.

last, and certainly least, item in today’s journal is the strange note i found on my windshield the other day. (see photo.) no idea what that’s all about! i have been leaving a note on my car when i walk – mostly for local law enforcement – explaining what i’m up to. maybe that triggered this one......

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