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It took about an hour and a half to complete the swap, by which time it was 4.30 and we had to find a campsite. So we headed North on the M1, the Bruce Highway, to Beerwah where we turned off to Coochin Creek and a Queensland National Park campsite. Quite small but only half a dozen other campers, so quiet and right alongside the Creek. It did mean there were plenty of mosquitos but the camper had flyscreens all round so we were safe as long as we didn't spend too long outside.

Lots of kookaburras and some song birds we could hear but not see, so our morning was early, especially as the kookaburras seemed to be having a very noisy territorial dispute. The waterways nearby were reputed to have dugong and turtles, so we drove along the shoreline for a while but didn't see any, shame!

Back to the Bruce Highway and headed for Noosa. We called in at Maroochydore to find the waste water dump and discovered we could dump but not refill our fresh water, moreover the people in charge of the dump site (at the local water treatment plant) told us that because everyone in Queensland had to pay for water, it was not going to be freely available. The local I-site was more helpful and pointed us to a picnic spot, run by the local authority, with fresh water supply which we found and topped up. Looks as if drinking water access might become a problem for the rest of our trip. Anyway the picnic spot was delightful, right by the water, so we paused for lunch.

On north again but we failed to spot the satnav was taking us the quickest way so we missed out a few other oceanside settlements, but arrived at Noosa soon enough. It was hot and sunny so we decided it was time for a swim in the Pacific Ocean again. Noosa is a very popular holiday destination , and rightly so, it is beautiful with great beaches and headlands. The main beach was busy though not crowded and there was a swell and waves breaking onto the shore. The water was warm........lovely to swim, out past the breakers, wonderful.

After a rinse off we headed to the ice cream parlour, which turned out to be New Zealand ice cream, and the mango frozen yoghurt was delicious. Ok, enough of all this hedonism, we had to find a campsite. This time we called in at the local scout campsite, a few miles away; it was virtually empty, and the caretaker was ok with our large camper, so we were in. A lovely site, although in the middle of town, (Australian towns are very spread out) a grassy parkland with many mature trees. This did mean there were also plenty of birds, including the dreaded sulphur-crested cockatoos which are very noisy.

As suspected, we had a very early awakening next morning as all the birds competed to make the loudest call, this together with a visit from a flock of the cockatoos. One saving grace was, we think, the butcher bird which has a delightful call, even if it is quite loud.

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