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We left the Moonee Beach Reserve after our walk and headed off to the Summerland Drive which headed north to Casino, the beef capital of Australia. The road took us through pretty dry country, mostly forested, with some forest plantations, before opening out to pastureland and.....beef cattle. We arrived in Casino around three in the afternoon and all the shops were shut! We discovered they all close at midday on Saturdays. There was however a Woolworth's supermarket that had extended hours, and it had a fresh meat counter, so after a chat with the butcher we bought a couple of T-bone steaks for around $7!!!

We followed the Bruxner Highway towards the coast, and to Ballina. Again, we passed through vast pastures until we dropped off the plateau into Ballina, on the coast. Lots of 'koalas cross here' signs along the road but we didn't see any koalas. Must try harder. North again to East Ballina where we found our campsite. Set behind a low dune and low growing trees, it was a nice campsite, aimed at tent camping but they let us in. The beach was wonderful, good sized surf pounding in, there was a stiff breeze blowing but it was warm, and we could see patches of blue sky, very uplifting.

We barbecued our t-bones, ok, but the barbecue didn't really get hot enough, so they could have been more flavoursome. Bed.

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