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Agnes Water beach

Agnes Water beach

Today's journey to Agnes Water was about 120km along a rather rough, bumpy, although tarred road. We had booked in to the Beach CP because it is right on the surf beach at which Richard wanted to surf. It is one of the few spots this far north where you actually get a surf. It is something to do with the direction of the current between Fraser Is. in the south and the Barrier Reef in the north. We discovered, however, that we could not stay at that CP over the weekend because they are fully booked due to a long board surf carnival and a blues music festival which is also on this weekend. We can, however, get 3 nights at another CP, the last site available, at 1770, just 3kms up the road and where we now find out the blues festival is right opposite. So, no quiet weekend!

The beach at Agnes is very pretty set against a headland and although our van is back about 100m and facing the wrong way we put our chairs out the end and sit facing the surf so we can see it to have breakfast and again for sundowners.

Our car locking system has begun misbehaving. When we lock it it appears to lock, but all doors lock except the drivers door and the only way to lock it securely is to leave the window open a bit and stick our Aussie flag pole down inside to push the button down completely. Then of course, we can't close the window! It did a similar thing in Kalgoorlie last year and we had to replace the system. We can't do anything about it until we get to somewhere bigger than here.


Yesterday, many vans and tents rolled in to Agnes CP with boards on top. Today we made perhaps our shortest ever trip of 3km along to 1770 and since setting up here we have watched everyone rolling in here for the music festival. These are more tenters, lots of bikers, noisy music playing, a different atmosphere from the other CP. When we got here our site was occupied already so we had a bit of confusion. The couple on it were foreigners and must have mixed up the number they had been told to go on, anyway we ended up on a better site so we were happy.

The main problem out here is that Richard now has to drive back into Agnes to surf and with the carnival on it will be hard to park. There is a pool here and a 900m walk through bush to the beach but not a good swimming beach.


Yesterday afternoon and last night there was a thump, thump, thump in the air continually but not too loud fortunately. The concert finished at 10 pm and people came home quietly so all in all it has not been too bad. Our immediate neighbours are a group of rough looking bikers who have been quite pleasant and quiet although they look the 'bikie' part.

Richard has been going in to Agnes each morning and late afternoon for a surf and has been breathalysed at the breathalyser which the police have set up each afternoon for the close of the blues festival. (We heard on the news after the weekend that not one person was caught over the limit - that's good as there is no other road to avoid that one).

We are now trying to decide where we will head when we leave here.

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