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now that's a great name for a town - Grong Grong

Moth in the Naranderah "Tiger Moth Museum"

at Naranderah - playing open strings 'cos I couldn't reach the frets...

camped overnight at Jerilderie

the view from the van at Jerilderie

Day 4 - Wednesday 26th (Ron)

it was a lazy start this morning. Today we won't do as many kms. Jan wasn't impressed with Ron suggesting a morning tea stop when we had only been on the road an hour - but the clock suggested it was time for a cuppa. So we stopped at a roadside pullover (sounds a bit like a spring jumper for a strip of bitumen) and enjoyed a leg stretch and a cuppa as we looked out over the the vast grain fields which have been harvested but have left stubble about 15cm high in the ground. Because of the drought the stubble is a dead - brown colour and in many cases sheep are grazing on those paddocks for supplementary feed. On to a little town called Ardlethan via a couple of turns off the highway. It was cute old quiet town of population 500 and worth the detour.

Back to a T junction (left to West Wyalong - don't want that) turned right and travelled for about 15 mins only to stop at a fruit disposal bin. Darn, I knew we should have eaten those expensive tomatoes yesterday - into the bin. And at least we only had 1 orange and 2 lemons. The lemons can freeze but we ate the orange then and there. Another couple of minutes further down the highway and we had doubts we were on the right road. Maybe I should leave the GPS voice un-muted and put in a Via Point so we get the right road. Ah well, it's hard to get good help behind the wheel. 15 mins back after a U turn and we saw that we had 2 T junctions to navigate.

Now we are on the right road to Jerilderie via Naranderah. So far we have passed (heading north) about 15 semi-trailers loaded with hay bales. I guess they are headed to Qld to help with the severe drought effects. Before our lunch stop we passed through a little place called Grong Grong. Now that's a true Aussie name for a town. (Aboriginal meaning - 'Bad camping ground')

Naranderah was a really nice clean town and made for a great stop for lunch overlooking the cricket oval and just near the info centre and the Tiger Moth museum. Naranderah was the main training centre for pilots in the the war (I assume WW1) They had multiple landing fields around the town to accommodate the ability to Have so many aircraft at one place.

On to Jerilderie where we decided to stop for the night - and it's only 3:30. We camped in a small free camp area near the town weir. "Weir" the only ones here. (Easy to see its Ron writing this blurb). The town has a walk about 2km long which stretches all the way around the lagoon and up Billabong Ck almost as far as where we are camped so we did that before having a leisurely read under the gums listening to the water over the weir as a result of rain in the previous couple of days upstream. Cold night - for the first time we pulled up the blanket.

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