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We pull out of Kinder LA before 0900 heading for TX.

Past several more refinerys.

We take I 10 across the Sidel river to TX and go to the visitor center. The rest of the way we take secondary roads to get a better look at this part of TX. We go through the Big Thicket National Preserve, intresting not really a forest but some woods and brushland.

We go by some nice farms, overall pretty country.

About 250 mile west we pull into the Heartland RV park in Huntsville TX.

We get set up pretty early so we take the van and look around the area. A little shopping and we get BBQ pulled chicken for supper it goes great with the King Cake.

Plan is 3 nights here then on to San Antonio.


We head to the Houston Space Center, it is located on the Southeast outskirts of Houston and we are staying north of Houston so we go straight through the city on the way. Tons of traffic, big city with some really impressive buildings. I like seeing the diffrent architecture in citys and there are some really neat buildings in Houston.

The space center is excellent, they have tons of hands on science things for the guys to mess with, tow diffrent tours of the facilities, lots of actual items from past space programs, some from the present, a nice IMAX movie and some nice briefings. They have a full size copy of the current mars rover, I never knew it was so big, it is the size of a car.

We do both of the tram tours, the first one includes a tour of the new MC that they will be using as they develop the to mars program. It has only been up and running for about a month so it is cool to see the future. We get look at the training center no pics there though. They have some good rockets of the past on display including a Saturn V that they have in a building just for it. It is cool to see such a huge rocket up close and they have lots of info on all the apollo program in the building.

We get to see actual Mercury, Saturn and Apollo capsules, a lunar rover and lots of other items from those programs. Of course we get to touch a moon rock and see lots more of them.

We get a good multi media briefing on the mars program, parts of it is a bit try for the guys but it is extremely informative and educational.

We go on the second tram tour and get to go to the mockup building, very cool to see all the modules of the International space station that the actually use for training. We also get to see lots of stuff they are developing and testing for the future, all kinds of robots, rovers and the capsule they are developing for the mars mission.

Two really good IMAX movies, one on the space shuttle and one one the International Space Station. They are both excellent and extremely informative.

We stay until they close, an excellent day we get back to the RV late.

I took almost 150 pics hard to choose the ones to post.


A school day for the guys, we move again tommorow, headed for San Antonio.

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