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After sleeping in (again), we decided to skip breakfast and head out to the Safari Park. It was about 40 minutes from the resort and it was already a nice day with clear skies and a little cloud cover. Perfect for pictures. On the drive over, we found out that there was a caravan safari where you could feed the giraffes. It said that it was approximately 4 hours long, so we decided to see if we would have time to do it.

When we arrived, we found out that the caravan safari was actually only 2 hours long. After some thought, we decided to do it because someone is fascinated with giraffes...We didn't have a lot of time before the caravan left, so we walked around in the area closest to the entrance and where the caravan departs from. We saw bats, the baby lions in the nursery, a honey badger, and the gorillas. Then it was time for the caravan.

The caravan safari was one of the most unique and awesome experiences. After a close-up of some rhinos, it was time to head over to where the giraffes were. Feeding the giraffes was almost surreal. It was amazing how they came right over to the caravan and took the food right out of your hand (Australian leaves the guide called 'giraffe Twinkies'). After leaving the giraffes, we headed over to where there were 2 female Asian white rhinos. The guide said it's pretty uncommon that the groups get to feed them in addition to the giraffes, so we were very lucky to have fed them too (apples). It was incredible how gentle they were taking the food from you and they let you touch their horns and faces. After seeing more animals, the caravan was over and we decided to keep walking around the park, which was massive (1,800 acres overall/900 acres accessible to the public).

After walking around for most of the day, we were hungry so we decided to go to Hodad's (which we had seen on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives) for their Guido Burger, which has pastrami on top of the burger. We drove over, parked, and walked up to a line of about 30 people. The place was small but smelled great. We decided just to wait because we were already there and the food looked good. We finally got a table inside and got a couple of Guido baskets (with fries) and they were delicious.

After Hodad's, we went back to the resort and got ready to meet Jeff and Samantha in the Gaslamp Quarter for some drinks at a new bar called Werewolf. Trying to find parking was difficult but we finally made it over to them and there was even a donkey outside of the bar. We left Werewolf and went to another bar down the street and had a couple more drinks. After a little bit of dancing, we left and headed back to the resort for S'mores.

Ewa never had S'mores before, so we made them at the fire pit outside of our room at the resort. We had them with a drink and even put bananas in them and they were awesome. It was a nice way to end a great day and now it was officially my birthday.

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