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Mon Feb 24

We started our prep for leaving. I removed the tire covers, tripod, washed the slide roofs, etc. We closed the slides to make sure they would work upon leaving. Later in the afternoon Izzy came over and we enjoyed happy hour with him and our neighbors Ron and Evelyn. We grilled steaks and Ginger had made a pasta salad AND a key lime pie. Ahhhh – life is good! After Ginger, the techno whiz, helped Izzy with his new smart phone (I was NO help) we said our goodbyes and he headed back to the Foothills in his very cool ’65 Ranchero. We’ll see him again somewhere.

Tues Feb 25

Preparations continued today in earnest. Dumping and multiple flushing of tanks, lowering the solar panels, stowing tables, chairs, grill, etc., etc. We said our goodbyes to more of the folks in the park and went to burger night at the Cantina. Then it was off to darts for the last time. I was on a team of two with Bob Salvo. I had the best night since we have been here and was actually the leader on the board for a short while. We did well but in the end were unseated by a pair of older ladies! That’s the way it goes! We said goodbye to the darts gang.

Wed Feb 26

You already got the news about the truck and build date. I had been talking with Terry by phone for several weeks. He saw the truck in the parking lot at Algodones one day when we were there and really liked it. So, it looks like it will be his and we won’t have to make the trip to Indiana to have Classy Chassis sell it for us. We arrived at the SKP (Escapee) park in Benson around 4:30. Soon after we were greeted by our friends John and his faithful companion Aimee. We will be spending more time with John here before moving on. Yup – more food!!

Thurs Feb 27

This morning we headed down the road, through Sierra Vista to Hereford, about 50 miles from here. It lies just 6 miles from the Mexican border and is where our friend, and my ex-boss, Leon lives. Sadly, Leon lost his wife, Vicky, to cancer recently. We were lucky that we were able to spend some quality time with them two years ago. We had a very nice visit, mostly talking about the good old days, mutual co-workers and friends. We went out to lunch at a nearby restaurant, enjoyed more conversation over a nice lunch, said our goodbyes and headed back to Benson through Bisbee and Tombstone. We happened upon diesel fuel at $3.59 in Tombstone so we fueled up and got out of town before Ike and his clan showed up. We made it safely past the Boothill Cemetery. Upon returning I ordered the aftermarket front bumper and associated parts for the Jeep. We think that things are coming together fairly well.

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