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Well I'm back in Leon and the hotel I was at before was booked. I decided to drop into one of the more popular hostals, the Chilli Inn. It's run by Marco who is a french Canadian but I didn't hold that against him. I got a private room but all he had available was a room with a bed and a bunkbed. I took it but later as he was filling up I offered to move to another hostal, which he also owns called the Chilli garden. Literally around the corner. It was a good idea because it was smaller quieter and held slightly older travelers. You quickly bond together as a group at a hostal and so we instantly started making plans to move around the city together. I met the group from Germany for supper and we laughed as I went through and explained why I was back in Leon. Supper was a some Canadian place and it was supposed to be amazing and it was good for Leon but not as good as everyone raved about. The beer must have gotten to my companions because as the 35 year old was talking about how he was some sort of expert in Norse prostitution law (I don't know how this even started) the 61 yr old guy called bullshit. Well this escalated to calling each other outside and when asked my opinion I said "these fries are delicious". It would have been fun to see 2 guys from Toronto slap and pull each others hair but one stormed off, so I was left with the other. Even in Nicaragua I can't escape the

When I got back to the hostal I went to my room but the light wouldn't turn off. When I checked the switch for the fan I got a shock so I'm thinking maybe a wiring issue. LOL. Either way I changed rooms again. 3 rooms in 2 days. The fan in this room sounded like an old tractor and blew enough wind that my clothes rolled across the floor like tumbleweeds. I could have attached this to a boat and toured the everglades. I know I'm a bit of an ass complaining about heat as I saw the SK forecast. I couldn't leave the fan on because it was making my eyes water so I slept in the heat with no fan and no AC. Woke up in a pool of sweat with beads literally running off. You'd think I'd be losing weight but I think the beer and the burgers are helping to keep my weight up.

Today I'm going to Managua to meet a friend at the airport and then I'm off to the beach. I'll check in as much as I can although I don't know about internet out there.

Until next time


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