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Well I made it to Salinas Grandes and yes it blew my socks off. Well it blew. That's for sure. The place started out with a long ride down a short road. 20 km from Leon and then 12 km down one of the worst roads I've ever been down. We get to this little 'lodge' and drive through the chickens and cows in the yard to the person at the front desk. I'm only staying here one night so I'm fine with the farm animals. Now this little 'lodge' is in the middle of nowhere and costs more for a night than anywhere else I'd stayed in Nicaragua ($50). I unpack and quickly start exploring. I want to see the house I've rented for a month. The beach is beautiful and you can walk and see for miles. Not a rock on the beach and not another person as far as you can see. I find the house and well...I'm a bit disappointed to say the least. No problem. I'll be like camping. I do some more searching and low and behold I can't find a store, a place to eat, a place to buy beer...nothing. There is the overpriced 'lodge', but really? $8 for a clubhouse in a country where I can get lobster for $7. I don't think so. Always the optimist, I wait to see my place the next day.

The caretaker lets me in and the house is more like a breezeway with 2 bedrooms on one end. Well one bedroom because one is full of storage. There's only one key and the caretaker is keeping it so I have no way to lock up my laptop or other valuables. There's no potable water, only ocean water for the shower and bath. The pool which is blue in color in the picture is green. There is no wifi and only have power for some of the day. They turn the power off during the day to keep costs down and then the kicker. There's no coffee maker. Now I can make a pot of water and throw in grounds but with all the rest of the problems. NUH UH. I call my new Nica friend for a ride back to Leon and go to the office for a chat and to get my money back.

Now the best part of this whole trip is the Nica guy I met. Super nice and gave me his phone number so I can call anytime. Now he speaks about as good of English as I do Spanish so it's hard to get my point across sometimes but we manage. He's a local fisherman, surfer, will drive you around or take you on tours in his boat. A great guy to know and very patient with explaining thing.

I had supper with the German and Dutch friends I made and we got quite the kick out of the stories I was telling them. I also met another french canadian guy who owns the hostal I'm staying at and he's been nothing but helpful explaining places I can stay in and around Leon.

Well I'm off to another beach today to see if I can find some place to stay out there. After the last place I think that I'll be pretty happy with just about anything. Besides the realtor guy owes me a favor now.

Miss and love you all


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