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at Goondiwindi

Memorial to the designer of the levy system to protect the town...

looking down on van at Hickey Falls

the campers at Hickey Falls for night

Hickey Falls

Day 2 - Monday 24th. (Ron)

In the morning over breakfast, Jan noticed the tap from the water tank hanging down - oh dear, this is fixit number 2 to be done before we leave. We adjusted the clocks for NSW daylight saving and then headed off at 9:00 for Inglewood and then to Goondiwindi for morning tea at the Apex Park 30 feet above the Macintyre River. Our table was about a metre below the top of the levy wall which was built in 1956 to protect the town following many years of disastrous floods. What a top spot for a cuppa. We took time to walk to the monument for 'Gunsynd' which won the Melbourne Cup way back whenever. There was also a memorial made out of rusted steel plate to honour the guy who came up with a plan to flood-proof Goondiwindi by building a levy. He had rowed a boat all around Goondiwindi marking the trees for the flood levy in order to devise a plan for the levy walls.

This was not a day to look over Goondi so after the 100m walk to get Ron's knees working again we set off south to Moree where we had lunch. When closing up the Van Jan said, "why are the frig lights flashing?" Ooooops Not another one - fixit no 3 coming up. After some sound advice from Jan to 'fix it now' while we were in a sizable town, Ron spent time with a multi meter and came to the conclusion that the battery was not charging from the car. Off to find a battery specialist. Great decision. An hour later and $450 poorer we had a new battery in the van and everything working just fine. We can't complain. The battery was the original for the van - 6.5 years old.

Our overnight stay after refuelling in Coonabarrabran was another free camp at Hickey's Falls 45km south. Top spot although no loos. We arrived at Ron's usual time - late, 6:30 - long after the other 5 vans had settled for the night. No sound of water here at Hickey Falls Rest Area. While Jan got tea Ron went climbing up the escarpment so he could take a photo looking down on the van, and then had a quick look around the corner of the end of the rest area. Hey Presto. Running water and at the end of small semi circular gorge was the falls, cascading a small amount of water. A pretty site and one that would give small children a wonderful play area in the sandy creek.

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