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Well Saturday morning I was eating some breakfast at a local restaurant and two young women from Germany came and asked if they could join my table. Of course I said ok and turns out they teach German at the local University. We went for drinks and supper later that night and the following day we decided to go to the beach at Las Penitas.

We left right after breakfast and took a chicken bus for the 15 km trip which takes about 35-40 minutes. These buses are unique in that they keep packing in more and more people until they are literally hanging out the front and back doors. They are called chicken buses because people will often transport chickens and goats on the bus. I'll upload some pictures and yes there was a guy holding a rooster. Apparently when you tell someone from Germany that "that guy is holding his cock', it loses something in the translation.

The beach was fantastic and I quickly met some people from Alberta. Turns out I recognized them from Granada. They gave me tons of great information about the place and I think that's where Bob and I will venture next year. Unless Salinas Grandes blows my socks off. Beers and sun on the beach until a great sunset and then we took the Bigfoot Hostel bus back to Leon. Now this is 2-ton truck with seats in the back like they're hauling livestock. We crammed people in until there was no more room and headed back. After a great pasta meal I was beat and took a taxi back to my hotel. All told I think I spent $25. LOL. Man I love this place

Oh and BTW. I have a Nicaraguan phone and the number is 505 7869 4218 and I think you have to dial 011 to get out of Canada.

Love and miss you all.


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