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Well it's day 2 here in Leon and is it ever hot. There is not much breeze and streets are narrow and seem sticky and congested. The people here seem friendly and there isn't the same tourist feel as there was in Granada. Mind you Granada was a nicer looking city. Leon has everything you need and I went for a great breakfast this morning which cost me a total of $3.

Last night I was touring around town and I had to take out some money for the rent on the place in Salinas Grandes. I withdrew $400 and proceeded to explore a little bit. Well there are no real street signs or house numbers so I took a street on block too far north and well let me tell you, there were a dozen seeding looking guys staring at me. I said hello but they just stared. More in surprise than anything else I'd imagine. Luckily, the biggest of them only came up to my chin, so I wasn't too concerned. Now if they knew how much money I had. That might have been different. LOL. Needless to say I didn't stick around asking for their names.

I kind of took it easy last night and wanted to use today to get my bearings a little bit. There are some nice little pubs a few blocks away but I want to be pretty confident that I can walk back here directly and not have to worry about a wrong turn. I know what you're thinking. Take a cab. Well I'm not about to jump into a cab and be taken off in some wrong direction somewhere. LOL. I'll stay home or I'll hoof it.

Talk again soon.


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