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View from dining table

Using bird spotting scope out back window

Great Blue Heron

Black Crowned Night Heron

Mallards slurping from sidewalk puddle

A Ring-neck duck & his mate

Colorful, long billed Shoveler

American Coots, also known as Mud Hens

Pigeon pretending to be a Coot

Boat Tail Grackle

After 3 months of rugged but dry mountain views at Boulder City, and a week of the same type view at the Escapee Pair-a-Dice Co-op Park in Pahrump, we have moved to a water view. Lakeside RV Park is only 1.5 miles from the Escapee Park, but the man-made lake is a wonderful sight for the eyes. There are many birds on and around the water here. We’ve seen at least four types of ducks, Canadian Geese, American Coots and two types of heron on the water and shore. In the trees, are White-winged doves doing courtship acrobatics similar to the high swoop the hummingbird makes. Pigeons are in the trees and pecking away on the ground along with the Coots. Walking along the path next to the reeds and cattails we can hear Red-winged blackbirds. The Boat-Tailed Grackle, so named because its tail is held in an inverted V like the keel of a boat, has a fun and melodic call.

People walk the path alongside the lake, many with their dogs, or ride the paddle-boats or use the kayaks to explore the water. Fishermen, mostly unsuccessful as far as I can tell, are trying to catch Bluegill and Big-mouth Bass. There is a swimming pool, an amphitheater, a little store, and of course, a small casino and restaurant.

We can see and enjoy all of this from our trailer, which acts like a “bird blind” for not just birds, but all activities here at this park. We’ll be here at least a week.

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