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Well after a great few days here in Granada with a great hotel and host, I'm traveling off to Leon. Granada is a really beautiful place and I'll definitely be coming back again. While I was here they had a Poetry Festival so the town was really bustling with shops and vendors lining the streets trying to rip off the gringos. I talked to a couple yesterday and they paid $10 for a shirt I paid $5 for. I guess I learned how to haggle while living with Claudine. I've really gotten to learn why the rest of the world dislikes Americans. I've never been witness to such rude and arrogant behavior in my life. Maybe I'm just shocked because I'm Canadian and we're notoriously polite. I've also seen the locals faces change when they ask if I'm a gringo and I say no. I'm Canadian. Suddenly it's handshakes and their broken English and my broken Spanish and a smile and wave whenever I see them again.

I wanted to get to Leon for the weekend and check out some of the nightlife. I pick up my keys for the beach house on Monday so I'm looking forward to that too. I catch a shuttle bus to Leon from Granada for $15. I could have gotten it much cheaper ($2) if I'd wanted to ride on the chicken bus with no AC and possibly chickens and goats on board with me, but I splurged and chose the luxury travel of a shuttle bus. Hey. Call me crazy.

Well I better go pack

Love and miss you all


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