Mower 1 at Deloraine

Mower 2 at Deloraine

Street Art



Alum Gorge

Little Fatty

Alum Gorge

Road Side Blackberrys

Berry Farm

Wanted to do some prospecting again this time at the Mortlock and Ford Rivers and also down to Moina but the areas we wanted to get into are now privately owned and we could not access them so we took a drive home the long way around. Discovered a pick your own berry farm just around the corner of the park. That was great fun, what we couldn’t fit into our mouths went into the tray to purchase. When we had our fill of strawberrys, blackberrys and raspberrys, we paid for the tray and munched on them for the rest of the week. Yum. Last day in Tassie we took in the Penguin market at Penguin, which was huge and filled most our day as our ship did not leave until 9pm.

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