Carrick Hall


Original Copper and Metal Gallery

Cataract Gorge




Finally decided to leave Campania on the 5 February and our next camp, another freebe was at Conara. This very small town was built for the railway workers and an old local, Warren, stopped for a chat with his dog George. He was a train driver back in the 1950’s and the stories he had to tell, he could write a book on. He said that alcohol was a bad thing then with train drivers, being drunk at the wheel. He had some horrific stories of accidents in the area that he was directly and indirectly involved in. He has one son that is a train driver and the other works in the coal mines. In its hey day the town had 12 train drivers now he is the only one left. The town has a population of 300.

Heading back now as we leave Tassie on the 16th February, so we planned to stay a couple of nights at another free camp that we were told about in Carrick at the hall. It was lovely to start with, we had tea and another camper pulled in. The stock car races was on in town so we went to see how much it was to get in but at $25 each we decided against it. There is a metal and copper gallery there which we went through. The son now runs the business and they had some great things in there, so much of it that it took us ages to get through it all. The town has Georgian houses on the main street and looks gorgeous. About 9.30 we heard a group of kids talking at the tables at the front of the hall, they got louder and louder, the group grew bigger, a car came in the drive and almost lost control of his car and missed the other camper’s bus by about 2 inches. He called the police and then came across to tell us to stay inside as these kids weren’t just drunk. The police assured us that it is safe to stay and that they were coming, which they did. By that time the bigger group had left and the two girls that remained, were questioned by the police and booked. So we didn’t stay another night. Before packing up the next day we went into Launceston for the day, Just another big city, walked through Cataract Gorge again and that was a lovely as ever.Went back to pack and moved back to Latrobe to a camp run by the Lions Club at the back of the main street. We love Latrobe and I think its our favourite place in Tasmania. Stayed 2 nights as that is all you are allowed, and for the final camp we moved to Turners Beach.

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