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Well I got up early and caught the 5am bus to San Jose. We left promptly at 507, which if you remember from another post is how late I was when I missed the bus last time. Ironic.

The trip was uneventful and I landed in San Jose. I was fully expecting to take a flight to Managua in the morning so I went and took a cab closer to the airport for a 4am wake up again. Well I was having some trouble with the trip I thought I'd booked and they don't have a flight on Tuesdays so I'd have to wait until Wednesday. Well that irritated me so I decided to take another bus. Except this bus you can't buy tickets over the phone and their online thing is down. So I decide I'll just show up and see if I can catch one.

Went for supper and met an American guy who's a fishing guide in Alaska. So of course we hit it off and next thing you know it's late and we both have early wake up calls.

Ah well....pura vida


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