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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!!

It's 11pm here in Phoenix, Arizona and we just got in from the evening session of the 2014 Southwest Gospel Music Festival. Wow, what a full day it was with three sessions all lasting almost 4 hours! Fantastic music and of course the atmosphere is awesome. A great way to spend our Valentine's Day this year for sure.

I hope you all had a wonderful day with your sweetheart/loved one's. I know I did. Tomorrow we have a half day and then our three day event comes to an end. Bummer, but it also means we'll be moving on in a couple of days to hopefully a new adventure. We're not quite sure where we're headed next, just that we'll be staying in the southwest for the next two months or so. I'd actually like it to stay cooler for a bit longer. It was 84 today, too high for the middle of February as far as I'm concerned, lol! I'd like it to be around 72 please. I know, I know, quit'cher whining, there are alot of folks who would be thrilled to have this nice warm weather right now. Our hearts go out to them too. Especially the Carolina folks.

Well folks, I am exhausted so am signing off for tonight. I'll post a few pics and a bit more chatter in the next few days. Thanks so much for hanging in there with us. We really do appreciate it! Night :)

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