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Well I had typed out a long message and then a computer glitch and boom I lost it.

So here we go AGAIN.

I've had a good week this week and have been doing some fishing with Cory. Mostly in the morning to help him catch bait for his guests. Up at 430-5 every other day to catch bait but it's not like I have a large amount of stuff going on. I can always come back, turn on the AC and have a nap. Most people do that here anyways.

One morning while on the dock after catching some bait I met Cory's guests and it turns out I knew them from Scott Lake. They had wanted to go fishing for marlin and were concerned they wouldn't be able to reel it in alone. Cory suggested that I come along as the 'muscle' if we hooked into a marlin. Now THAT'S a good friend. We left early for the 2 hr drive out to the spot 47 miles off shore and stopped and bang, we got into tuna, which we used for bait. Now imagine a 5lb fish that fights harder than a 20 lb pike. I must've caught 20 of them and was having a ball. Sometimes I'd hook into one and hand the rod to Cory's guest then catch another Honestly it was that easy. We strung out 4 for bait and proceeded to fill a cooler with fish for the guys that hang around on the dock. It's like cheap insurance to make sure Cory's boat doesn't get fiddled with. About an hour into trolling the rod goes off and starts to howl. I look back and this marlin is jumping 8-10 feet out of the water and taking line the whole time. We strap in Cory's guest and fish ON! Well the old man is just holding the rod and Cory is working the boat to keep tension and this marlin is running like crazy. The old fella hands the wife the rod after 4-5 minutes. She plays him for 1-2 minutes and back to the old man. Then over to me and here we go. Cory takes the boat out of gear and tells me to get some line back on the spool cuz we're well into the backing. I start reeling and fighting this thing. Insane amount of power. I get the line nice and spooled and reel him in a couple hundred yards but he basically runs whenever he wants to. I get back to the monofilament on the spool and hand the rod back to the guest. He reels for a bit and then Cory get on the rod and starts winching and working him in. At the end when we could see him Cory let the guest `land` him because Cory had stuff to do. Apparently they don`t bring them into the boat anymore for pics so it`s just a few on the side of the boat. I tried some underwater camera but the boat was moving video so that screwed the angle of the camera and I got a lot of video of water but no fish. I still have some and I`ll get some more pics from Cory to show you later.

I think Cory is done with guests this week so maybe we can get out for another try at the marlin or even sailfish. We had talked about an overnight trip to fish marlin. It`s about 5 hrs of travelling per day so overnight would mean that we could fish 5 hrs longer. He`s been working long days for a couple of weeks straight so we`ll have to see if he`s still up for it.

After this weekend I`ll be in Nicaragua. It costs $65 to get to San Jose and then $90 to get to Managua so I think I`ll just fly instead of taking the chicken bus. From Managua I`ll head over to Granada for a few days and then Off to Leon. I think I`ll head to the beach and start scouting for places to stay at the ocean for next winter. My friend Bob and I have already talked about maybe doing Xmas there. We could do it in shifts, his family before Xmas and then maybe us after, depending on everyone`s holidays.

Well this is my longest entry yet, but I had so much to tell you all.

Pura Vida

Love and miss you all


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