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Early morning

Surfing lessons

Surfing lessons 2

Surfing lessons 3

Surfing lessons 4

Surfing lessons 5 - this was still very early in the lesson....

Simon and daddy

Simon trying on slippers

Hello. Today was Valentine's day here. How nice of my husband to being me to Australia for this day. What a romantic guy.

Keith took a surfing lesson today, and not to my surprise at all, he was a natural. He was one of only three who graduated to the "green" waves (one step up from white waves?). I knew he would do great! He came back after 2 hours grinning from ear to ear. Apparently today's waves were the best in the last two weeks (the instructors hurriedly wrapped up the lesson, so they could surf themselves before they taught again).

While Keith was in lessons, Simon and I spent about an hour body surfing some waves. Awesome fun. Keith and I wonder if we will ever see as nice a beach. Soft sand (like talcum powder, squeaks when we walk), no rocks, no fish, good waves.

The afternoon was spent packing with a few trips for ice cream. We had supper out, made one last trip to the market and came back home.

Tomorrow we are up at 5 am, driving to yet another airport (our 5th one), turn in our rental car and fly to New Zealand. We have loved our time and accommodation in Surfers, but Keith and I are happy to be moving on. New Zealand will bring new types of adventures.

Sorry, no pics again today. Perhaps the next time that the Internet is not so finicky,I will get them up to date.


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